Lyn Blanch is a new author.  She has recently published a set of four children's books about Australian Bush animals entitled -
The individual titles are:-  
        Mr Emu's Lost Chicks
        Crow and Snow
        A Wombat Called Warren
        The Bushfire
These delightfull stories are based on Australian animal life in the bush. Through their day-to-day adventures, the animals illustrate important values which help build families and communities. The stories are suitable for lower primary school ages. 



"Life at Sneaky Creek" has now travelled to England, Scotland, Ireland and Dubai as well as both rural and city centres throughout Australian eastern states. Thank you to everyone for your great support. Lyn

Lyn blanch author, children's books, Australian Bush animals
Lyn blanch author, children's books, Australian Bush animals

Latest News!


'Life at Sneaky Creek' goes on. I recently organised a second print-run of my books. While I had a feeling they may sit in the cupboard I had an order yesterday for 40 books! Of course this will also add to my donations I send to The Save the Bilby Fund.

I am delighted to advise that I have linked up with 'Save the Bilby Fund'.  On the sale of any of the four stories from "Life at Sneaky Creek" I make a donation to 'Save the Bilby Fund'.  The cover of each of these books now displays the 'Save the Bilby Fund' logo.  It was after visiting the Bilby Experience in Charleville I became aware of the plight of these endangered small animals.  It is believed the lesser bilby is now extinct so now every effort is being made to save the greater bilby.  Feral cats and foxes are said to be the main cause of the bilby population decline.


'Save the Bilby Fund' website is:  and here further information can be obtained regarding this cause.